A Whole Lotta Lip Swatches

A Whole Lotta Lip Swatches

A Whole Lotta Lip Swatches

Heya, friend. How’s it going? I miss you. Hope you’re doing well. I’m chugging along…albeit slowly and not very productively. I’m in the midst of a midweek malaise, perhaps tied to the fact that it’s cloudy and drizzling. šŸ™

It’s as if I’ve completely forgotten how to function normally or something!

I hope to regain the gift of gab again soon, but while I continue to quietly work through it, please enjoy this bevy o’ lip swatches…

MAC Sweet Assortment: Retro Matte/Shiny Pretty Things (a $69.50 limited edition holiday set)

This is a limited edition holiday set (one of many) available at MAC right now. I like it because all of the Retro Mattes are full size.

Chanel La Palette Caractere Lip Palette ($60)

In the limited edition Chanel La Palette Caractere holiday palette, every color (with the exception of the darkest shade on the far right) is smooth and pigmented. That dark shade is a li’ll patchy, which, by the way, is my new rap name.

“Li’ll Patchy.”

Christian Audette X Beauty Professor Bundle ($60)

In this cute set of three limited edition lipsticks by my pal Rachel at Beauty Professor, all of the shades are nudes, and they lean warm, so if you have warm-toned or olive skin, you’re in luck!

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