A Girl About Town on the Best Saturday Morning

A Girl About Town on the Best Saturday Morning

A Girl About Town on the Best Saturday Morning

Last Saturday I had the best morning, and the funny thing is, I didn’t do anything particularly revolutionary or amazing. I just spent a few hours doing things that make me feel good. One after another, back to back. It’s been a loooong time since I had a morning like that.

It was really just random happenstance because El Hub decided to take Connor to her very first movie, so they left the house at 10 a.m. to watch the new Mary Poppins together.

Me being me left to my own devices, my first thought was, “I should probably clean the bathroom, and then organize the pantry and pay some bills.” Thankfully, I came to my senses before it was too late and revised my plan to “EFF IT.” Instead, everything I did for the next three hours was something that makes me happy.

So I ran a few miles on the treadmill, did a pilates video, and took a shower.

SAY WHAT? Yup, I normally have to wait a few hours (as the sweat dries on my skin and I feel progressively crustier) after a workout before I can shower because there’s usually something pressing to attend to, like work or answering an email or making lunch or cleaning something.

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